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Back to School Minis

We are over a month into the school year and it’s already flying by. One of my favorite mini sessions during the year is the Back to School.  Getting to see the kids all dressed up and excited to get back to school with their friends. This year we went to the school buses and had a great time laughing and jumping around.  Come take a look at a few of the kiddos that joined in on a hot night in Texas! 

Twins are headed Back to School

These girls are always a blast at every photoshoot they do.  They had a blast at the buses and are just so grown up.  When asked what they had fun doing though the summer, they were living it up at Six Flags Over Texas.  They were being brave and trying out all sorts of new rides.  The next big news is that this year was their first year being in separate classes at school.  They are growing up for sure! 

Back to School with Jack

Let’s talk about Jack.  I am not sure he could get any cuter.  He was excited to be going to Kindergarten and making new friends.  We had such a good time hanging around and climbing on the buses.  I am excited to see him and his family in the near future to hear about all the exciting things he has learned and how much fun he is having! 

Henry goes to Kinder

So this little man is going to Kindergarten as well.  He is so posed and grown up all ready.  His smile is contagious and that hair is on point! I think his favorite part of the session was using his muscles to hold up the buses.  

The Moms

Let me take a minute to talk about the moms.  Being a mom that has watched my kids go to Kinder or even starting their Junior year is a hard thing.  Letting your children grow up right? Well, these ladies are amazing woman and have raised some adorable children who are going to do amazing things! But a big high five for the moms who are such an important part of their kiddos lives.  

Each school year goes faster and faster than the last one.  Your kids grow up and it seems like they just went to Kindergarten and here they are in high school about to graduate.  These pictures will be something mom and dad can hold on to forever and look back at whenever they need to see their “little one” again!   We always have a blast and I am so proud of these kids as they do the best they can and are going to do amazing things!

Now, talking about the kiddos in school, let’s talk about when they do hit their Senior year in High School.  The bus mini may not be what you are looking for but Chunky Monkey Photography can create and fun and magical Senior session to bring their senior year to the perfect end.  Check this blog out to see some fun examples! 

Senior Photography Shoot, It’s time!

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