London is the Reason

Sometimes you meet people once and you never know the impact that they will have on you later in life.  You never know how one “saying” will stay with you forever.  Being a part of the happy moments in someones life in a small way, and then watching tragedy from afar is definitely hard to watch.  But as the saying goes, there is always a rainbow that comes from the storm.  And a reason for the storm.  This time it was because London is the Reason.  

London’s Family

So I met Kristin and Steve thru my Brother and Sister in Law.  They are great friends and all warriors for Christ back in Tulsa.  Back when I met this amazing couple, I did not know much about them.  Kristin was a dance choreographer and Steve was a Cardiologist.  I got the chance to attend a dance competition and watch a few of Kristins choreographed dances and I was blown out of the water.  The other thing that just amazed me is Kristin’s personality.  Always has an amazing outlook on life and rocked that life with the most amazing hair! 

The private part of their story was the longing for a family.  A baby.  Someone of their own to love.   So when I got a very specific email from Kristin, I was so excited.  They had a surrogate carrying their little girl.  Her name was to be London.  They wanted to document this journey every step of the way so a maternity session was planned! So, London is the Reason. 

Londons Maternity Session

Now, as a photographer, a maternity session is an amazing thing to capture for a family no matter their story.  But this story, little did I know, was much bigger than it appeared.  I had never done a maternity session with a couple and their surrogate so I wanted to make sure that this was perfect.  I met Kristin, Steve and their surrogate in Downtown Fort Worth.  There was so much love, so many smiles, lots of laughs, and some good old goofiness.  Watching Kristin and Steve’s excitement for this sweet baby was just amazing.  Knowing God’s plan was in motion and we could not wait to see the outcome.  

God’s Plan is not ours

Since their surrogate lived in Fort Worth, that is where they would be delivering London.  I knew that the date was approaching and was just excited to hear the news of her birth.  The day that they were going to the hospital, I was waiting for the posts celebrating.  Instead, I got a phone call from my sister in law.  Her words were, its not my news to share but I need to know if you are available for pictures if they need you.  London had not survived and they did not have an answer as to why.  It was a heart breaking call.  Sometimes Gods plan does not make sense to us.  It’s not the plan we wanted, that we strived for.  The amazing hospital did have someone there to take their pictures.  They captured London in all her amazingness. 

Weeks after Londons passing, Kristin had the amazing courage to share Londons story.  But she did not stop there.  She created “London is the Reason”, a non-profit and is working hard every day to make sure that moms that lose their babies in this way are not forgotten. That the resources for healing and support after going though this is available.  That every single baby “reason” is known and celebrated.  She also wrote a book called An Angel Gave Us Out Angel.  God had a plan.  

The plan is revealed, London is the Reason

Months after London’s passing, there was a big surprise announcement from Kristin and Steve.  They were introducing Bexley.  Their daughter.   Their angel on earth, picked from their angel in heaven…..the story of her book.  The smiles on their faces, words could not even explain. Gods plan continued.  She explained even a few months later that they had a new surrogate that was pregnant with London’s brother….then they introduced Ford.  Their family was complete.  They had three amazing children which all were given three different purposes from God. 

Now I get to follow Kristins daily life of having two children who are experiencing everything that is possible in life.  There is so much love in that family.  So many hugs, kisses, giggles and well, a lot of diapers! But most in important, there is so much of Gods love in their home.  He personally gave them angel to watch over them.  I am blessed to know Kristin and Steve and get to watch them grow as a family.  All because “London is the Reason”.

Take a moment and listen to her story straight from Kristin herself.  It’s an amazing story to have told and so uplifting and full of love.

Also, check out this amazing family who I got to spend time with again with their second newborn!

Welcoming a family back to the studio with their second newborn

Mom and Dad to be praying over ultrasound London is the Reason

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