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Rainbows and More

Getting to meet a family with their first newborn is special but to welcome them back with the next baby is just amazing. When Amanda let me know that they were waiting to deliver their second baby girl, I was excited to see them and welcome them to the studio again. It was such a perfect newborn session, much like a rainbow that is full of joy. Oh, and come find out how big sister did….you never know! Come take a look!

Rainbow Baby

To show the joy of their new baby girl, mom and dad chose the rainbow backdrop for her heart setup. It was the perfect choice and little sister was perfect for it. Just peeping a few fingers and toes, she loved to be nice and snuggled up in the wrap. Their hearts are full of joy and some might say are even over the rainbow with love!

Pretty in Pink

Mom picked a pink blanket for her posing part of her newborn session. Her dark hair and her complexion was just the right look for this blanket. Some newborns have really red skin but her complexion was creamy and beautiful. Mom had also bough in a pink outfit that we decided was best to use in the boho corner so that we could see the whole thing, including the big bow on the back! We loved it, baby sister not so much as that’s when she decided to poop!

Big Sister loves rainbows, oh and her new sister!

I always talk about how I love older siblings. The love that big sister has for her new baby sister is just unbelievable. Snuggling up with her, showering her with kisses and of course holding her was on to top of the list and we accomplished it all with tons of smiles. You could not have wiped big sisters smile off her face if you had wanted to! See what I mean?

It’s all Rainbows and Flowers

For one of her props, mom and dad chose the swing. She was so comfortable and just hung on like it was normal. I love the look of the flowers like she is swinging over the garden. The other prop they picked was the newborn bed. We did this one a bit different and let her stay snuggled up in her swaddle and just chill!

Amanda and Family, having you guys trust me with your babies means the world to me. Your family is amazing and I look forward to watching you guys grow as a family and the girls grow up into beautiful ladies.

If you are expecting or have delivered a new baby into your family, I would love to meet you and welcome you into my newborn studio here at Chunky Monkey Photography. I provide all the things that are needed for a beautiful newborn session, you just bring the baby!

Newborn Baby Girl in heart bowl rainbow

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