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Meeting new families every day is one of the best part of my job.  The extra amazing part is meeting new parts of one big family! This mom and dad came with their new little one, another amazing little newborn added to their “bigger” family.  It’s amazing to watch little families grow but its just cool to watch the family tree grow bigger as well.  Let’s take a look at how this little squishy newborn was such a perfect model.  


This little guy has won the families hearts.  How could he not.  He is as squishy as they come.  As sweet as they are made and as snuggly as a teddy bear.  He slept like a champ and was totally up for whatever we had ready for him.  Its quite hot in the studio during a newborn shoot   and its difficult for dads to hang out for long but this dad rocked it and hung with us the whole time!  

All about sports and fishing

When you have a baby boy, the first thing that comes to mind is sports! And this little guy is starting out on the right path.  Dad loves football, baseball and any other sport you could play.  We had a blast using dads baseball glove for the perfect father and son picture!  Mom and Dad decided on blue for his posing blanket and it was the perfect choice.  Newborn skin can be a tricky thing and blue went perfect with his.  My favorite part of his session was when our little newborn became a fisherman.  It was such a cute set up that we put together and he even caught himself a little fish! 

Capture all the little things, even the squishy part

By the time your newborn comes into the newborn studio, you have typically survived 2 weeks since birth.  Days and nights go by slowly but the two weeks have gone by fast.  That is what their whole childhood is like.  You will wake up and they are 1, then 2 and then 16! These newborn pictures, and any others that you take during their childhood, will freeze this moment in time.  It will allow you to remember them this little.  From the tiny newborns to the squishy newborns.  Their little eyelashes, they tiny lips, even their little tushies.  It’s all worth remembering.  

At Chunky Monkey Photography’s newborn studio, I have all the props, hats, headbands, blankets, etc that you could think of but I always welcome you to bring something that is special to you to include in your newborns session.

My dream photoshoot in Colorado Springs

Newborn Boy Session

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