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Mama-To-Be is beautiful. 

Taking a test and finding out that you are expecting a baby is such an exciting moment.  The planning begins at that moment.  From the room, to the clothes, the name and the car seat.  So many items to check off before your baby arrives.  One thing that is also important in your pregnancy milestones is to capture the glow that everyone talks about.  There is nothing like a beautiful mama-to-be showing off her baby cub before he is earth side.  If you are excepting, give yourself the moment to relish the moment of being pregnant and capture it with a magical maternity session.  

Pregnant mom thinking about her baby

Meet the mama to be, and dad too! 

I was so excited to meet this couple.  Their excitement for the upcoming delivery was so amazing.  When the mama-to-be emailed looking for details, I wanted her to know that the star of the show was her.  Showing off the one person that carried their sweet newborn for the 9 months.  She had let me know that she wanted a nature look for their session but wanted to have a few creek pictures as well.  I had them meet me at my favorite spot.  Northwest Community Park in Saginaw, TX.  It was a beautiful night, we could not have asked for anything better.  This mama rocked every moment and dad was the best support partner you could ask for! They were even up for a bit of “climbing” to get to the creek due to construction on the other side of the park.  Very well worth it I would say, what about you? 

Capturing the glow during her mama-to-be’s shoot

Any location, any outfit, any pose can capture that glow.  But the nature look by the lake in her beautiful blue maternity dress was just perfect for them.  We started out in the field where there were still a few flowers left.  Mom was a pro at the posing and did such a great job.  We then went and walked to a few spots that were simple and allowed us to focus on the parents-to-be and their love for each other and their little one.  As we walked around the area, we got to spend some time in the tree overhands right by the lake.  It was just a beautiful night so it provided just the perfect backdrop to match the happiness that was felt by us all! Then we got to do a bit of hiking and climbing to achieve the creek pictures that she had been dreaming of.  Dad was by her side the whole time and made sure she took her time. 

Why choose to have a mama-to-be session?

I speak with many people that say that they don’t want to document this time in their life.  They don’t feel like themselves, they are just too uncomfortable or they just don’t have anything to wear that fits right.  Well, Chunky Monkey Photography can help with all of that.  Of course you don’t feel like yourself! You’re growing a tiny human and it takes everything that we have to make it happen.  BUT, you want to make sure you celebrate the work you have put into the pregnancy and caring for that tiny human inside you.  Then of course your uncomfortable! The 9 months you’re pregnant is a bit different than daily life for us ladies.  During your maternity session, we take our time, take breaks when needed and want you to feel your best.  The best part is the last part.  You have nothing to wear? I do! Chunky Monkey Photography has a maternity wardrobe that is available for all my maternity clients.  I have multiple dresses, multiple colors and multiple styles! Don’t let anything hold you back! 

I am looking forward to hearing that this couple has welcomed their newborn very soon.  I am so glad that they took the time to capture this moment in their journey because without the whole maternity experience, we wouldn’t have the tiny humans to snuggle and love! 

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