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Adding Baby Brother

Growing to a family of 5 is so exciting. Having two big sisters who are so ready for a baby brother makes it even more so exciting. It’s so enjoyable when you have older siblings in the studio as they can hold the baby! They all came in looking fashionable in their white which makes for a perfect and clean newborn shoot. Come check out little brother and all the love that was shared in the Chunky Monkey Photography studio.

New Baby Brother to the family

When this adorable family came to the studio, the big sisters were all about their little brother. Making sure he had his pacifier, his blanket and anything else that they thought he might need. Watching the oldest hold him ensured you that she was ready and excited to show him the ropes of their family. The little sister needed a bit of reassuring but in the end, we captured some sweet moments between the children.

Make it make sense

When there are multiple children, I love doing a mom/kiddo shot and a dad.kiddo shots before we do the whole family! So dad was up first and everyone posed just as sweet as you can see here. Then mom was up! After the gallery was delivered mom’s response was 100% on the mark. Dad’s picture was exactly how his life is with children. Moms, the same…..a ton of love and a little bit of chaos. She loved them. It really told the story of how life is and I 100% agree with her. The bond between parents are different even though the love is the same. And capturing the story is what photography is all about. Take a look at these images along with their full family shot!

Brother loved his poses

We kept his posing as simple and clean with a white blanket. We threw in a bit of color here and there for some beautiful pops! As you can see, little brother had no problem with snuggling up and changing the poses as we moved forward.

Just swinging along

When we got to props, the shelf with teddy bears and the swing were chosen. The shelf went flawlessly as he was snuggled up with some fluffy teddy bears. When it came to the swing, his little eyes started to open but he stayed nice and calm and let us capture it all! The little hat he wore on the swing made it just perfect. A big favorite between all of us.

I enjoyed having the Z family in the studio for a family/newborn session and I look forward to getting to see them in the future for some fun photoshoots! Mrs. Heather has so many fun ideas that the Z family will be perfect for.

If you are expecting or have delivered a new baby into your family, I would love to meet you and welcome you into my newborn studio here at Chunky Monkey Photography. I provide all the things that are needed for a beautiful newborn session, you just bring the baby!

Siblings smiling with newborn brother | Chunky Monkey Photography

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