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Red Head Baby Boy

I am a total mess when it comes to babies. I have heard Baby Whisperer and some other fun names. I would call myself a baby hogger. I am not a fair sharer when it comes to newborns. Back up a bit, my family is full of red head babies. All of my littles live out of state and I don’t get to see them often enough. So when this sweet little boy with red hair came to the studio, I was attached! To top it off, he was the most perfect newborn! Come see what I mean and fall in love with me!

Little and Tiny with Red Hair

Obviously there is so much more to this newborn boy other than his red hair! He was just tiny, sleepy and well, could honestly not give a care what we were doing. Pose to pose was as easy as could be. As well as prop to prop! Parent shots, he was wrapped and just snuggled right in with mom and dad. I could have continued with adding more and more things for him if I could have!

Light skin and Red Hair

His parents chose a cream blanket with some color pops for his posing. Like I said, he was a total dream. Just melted in any pose that I attempted. He loved to snuggle with the Chunky Monkey like it was his own. We used some color wraps to pop off some color. I try to use a few hats thru the session but I had a hard time covering his beautiful hair but he did rock it when I used a scrunch hat during his froggy pose!


Mom chose a beautiful green “pj” set for his swing set pose. He was so comfortable and his pose came out just perfect. Will be one that goes up on the wall in any future studio I have. We also did the wicker basket (From TJ Maxx) and he fit just inside with his head on his hands just right. To stay with the comfort for the day, he just melted in my heart bowl, take a look!

Mom and Dad

I always tell everyone how important I consider parent shots are with their newborn. This moment will go so fast and these memories can easily go into hiding. Capturing your little one is your arms is something you will never regret. Mom and Dad jumped at the chance and they were as natural as they come. My favorite is always dad and their newborn nose to nose! What is your favorite?

Having this family in the studio was just an amazing morning. I thank you so much for sharing your new baby boy and allowing me to capture these first memories for you.

If you are expecting or have delivered a new baby into your family, I would love to meet you and welcome you into my newborn studio here at Chunky Monkey Photography. I provide all the things that are needed for a beautiful newborn session, you just bring the baby!

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