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Extend your memories!

Getting  family pictures are so important and extended family is important too . Documenting the time, the memories and yes, even the crazy times. They give you something to hold in your hand and remember when. Sometimes it may be difficult to get the date right, the outfits to match and the location to be just what you imagine. This family lives in all different directions from each other and they make sure they meet up and do an extended family session every few years.

Extended Family Shoot| DFW Photographer

Extend Living

So Brenda and her husband live up north along with their daughter and her children. When the come down to visit, both of their sons and grandchildren join them and they have a nice long visit. Capturing the children as they grow up is so important since they all don’t get to see each other on a regular basis. When you put them all together you have quite the group with 12 of them together. Can you image the fun they have?

dad and his boys | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography Family | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography Mom and her sons | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography

Extend Grandparents

As a grandmother myself, those grand babies are so much fun to spoil! Being that Brenda lives way from a few of them, the excitement of getting all the hugs and kisses from them. Capturing grandparents with their grandkids is so special and so important. Something special to frame and be able to look at when you can’t visit face to face!

Grandparents and their grandchildren | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography

Extend Cousins

The best memory I have from growing up was hanging with my cousins. Rather it was at their house, my house, birthday parties, at the lake or in the summer at our grandparents house. The bond between cousins is so important and its so strong with these kiddos. Being able to have them together and knowing that they will most likely remember these times when they are grown is just cool! And to have a picture to look back on and say, “hey, you remember when….”.

Cousins all together | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography

Don’t forget the big kids

Once you have kids, you feel like you sit in the backseat. It’s all about the grandchildren. But during a photoshoot, it’s so important to get a picture of mom and dad with their kids. Take it back to the beginning.

Parents and their grown children | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography Siblings | DFW Chunky Monkey Photography

Brenda, your family is so amazing to meet up with each time. Getting to watch your family grow, the kids grow up and hear all the new stories of your exciting time in Texas is so much fun for me. Thank you for sharing your time while you are in town with me to capture the important people in your life. Until next time! A big thanks to All for the Love of Animals for allowing us to shoot at their farm!

If you are looking into or need a family session, I would love to meet you and welcome you to Chunky Monkey Photography. I have many different options for locations that provide different looks. We work together on finding what works best for you. Rather it is just your small immediate family or your full extended family, let’s capture it all!

Extended Family Shoot| DFW Photographer

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