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Sleep is overrated, right?

I got the chance to meet Emily early on for her maternity session. So I was so excited to have them in the studio and to meet her sweet baby girl. Let’s talk about how much a baby can be loved. Great-Grandma and Grandma both came to the studio to make sure they did not miss a beat and I can see why! She is such a cutie and was just an amazing newborn during her session. Come with me and check out just oh well this little one did, a sleep and awake!

Sleep and Awake

Yes, typically the goal is to keep your newborn asleep and comfortable throughout the entire newborn session. I do multiple things to ensure that they are nice and asleep. Starting with keeping the studio at right around 85 degrees. Yep, its hot in there! But their little bodies need as much help keeping warm so 85 degrees it is! Then I have white noise playing as loud as I can. It reminds them of just how it sounded in the womb. It’s amazing and works wonders. And then of course, we fill their belly. A Hungary baby does not sleep! But, sometimes newborns will wake up and just be chilled. If this happens, we keep doing what we are going and sometimes they end up as my favorite pictures taken.

Sleep Poses

Her cute little nickname is Peanut and I think it is so adorable. Peanut slept thru her poses like a pro! Mom chose a white background and we used multiple wraps and headbands to have a pop of color and she was beautiful in all of them. She loved to snuggle up with the lamb, how cute! Oh and I love using blue for girls. She rocked the blue wrap 100 percent!

Sleep Angel, Sleep

I was so excited when mom and grandma requested that we use my wings. I don’t use them near as much as I should and she just looked totally angelic while modeling them for me. Don’t you just want to squeeze her! I know I did a couple of times, in snuggle form of course!

Eyes on the Props

So like I said, Peanut slept most of the time but after a few minutes in my black hanging basket, her eyes slowly popped open. She wanted to see what was going on and not miss out on anything. Since I am not even finger tips away while shooting and she was as still as a statue so I kept shooting. They had bought Peanut’s elephant. It was the best to snuggle with and of course to join her on the shelf! No Elf on the shelf here!

Thank you to the R Family for sharing their peanut with me. I am looking forward to an amazing year and more!

If you are expecting or have delivered a new baby into your family, I would love to meet you and welcome you into my newborn studio here at Chunky Monkey Photography. I provide all the things that are needed for a beautiful newborn session, you just bring the baby!

Pregnant Mom at her maternity shoot

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