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There are so many jobs our there that you can do. You can learn and grow at anything you put your mind to. But I will say that I think I have one of the best jobs of all. Getting to meet new families, welcome them into my studio and I get to create magic with their new little ones. To capture the small little fingers and toes, their little eyelashes and perfect lips. I was so honored to welcome this mama and her beautiful family into my Azle Studio. Let’s walk thought their baby boy newborns photography session together.

Baby Boy

I was excited to welcome this beautiful family into my newborn studio for their baby boy. After two girls, they had just welcomed their son. The big sisters were enamored with him. He was their baby for sure. I was grateful that they shared him with me like they did. Of course we did some family shots and then went on to the sibling pictures. They were thrilled to lay and snuggle their brother and then of course to be able to hold him in their lap.

Boy Blue

When mom arrived at the studio, she got to pick out her blanket for his posing section of the session. She decided to with cream so that we could use colors as a pop. He was such a good baby. He let me mold him though all his poses. He loved to be wrapped up and was nice and cozy. When it came time for props, mom picked two of my all time favorites. Her sweet baby boy had his first swing and was quite happy about it. Then he snuggled up with some teddy bears on his shelf. I hope these both make it on the wall in his nursery.

Baby Boys Sessions

Many ask when the best time of schedule a newborn shoot with Chunky Monkey Photography. The best time is do secure yourself a spot before you deliver. It’s just one last thing to worry about while you focus on welcoming baby earth side. Once you deliver, we do try to get you into the studio within the first two weeks of babies birth. They are nice and tiny and quite sleepy still. Makes it easy on them to be moved about and posed. Newborn shoots are done Monday- Friday at the studio and we begin at 930am in the morning. Makes for a nice sleepy baby after an eventful night at home and those late night parties. The studio is kept at a warm 85 degrees to make sure that the baby is comfortable at all times so parents need to come to the studio comfortable and dressed cool!

I can’t thank this amazing family for coming to the studio and trusting me to document this time in their life as they welcome their baby boy into their world.

If you are expecting a newborn or have already delivered, I would love to welcome you into the studio and create some magical memories for you to have and to cherish for a lifetime.

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