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So many people ask me how I get to spend so much time in Destin. I am a lucky girl, my brother and his family lives in Ft. Walton. They have lived there for over 10 years and it’s amazing. To be able to go and visit, spend time with my niece and nephews and get to play at the beach is the perfect scenario. So yes, I take advantage of visiting family and doing some amazing work as much as I can though the summer. Come meet my family.…and hear the exciting news as well.

My Destin Family

So my brother, who’s name is Patrick was in the Air Force. That is how he landed in Ft. Walton which is just outside of Destin. Not a bad spot I guess. A bit far away from home here in Fort Worth but we make do. His wife is Shelagh and she comes from New Mexico. They have three amazing children. Judah who is 7 and is such a smart stinker. If you need to know anything about outer space, dinosaurs or legos…he’s your guy. Then they have Abigail my sweet niece. She is a beautiful little 5 year old spit fire. She keeps you on your toes while she twirls on hers as a beautiful ballerina. Their youngest is Teddy. He is 2 and just the cutest thing you will ever see. His cute little baby voice is my favorite and just his love for his big brother. All three of them are perfect snugglers and I miss them terribly so FaceTime is a life save. You just have to be fast because they are busy kiddos. Oh and the best surprise ever…they are expecting their 4th child!! I can’t wait to head back in January to meet him/her!

Working in Ft. Walton

Many people ask what keeps my brother and his family in Ft. Walton. Other than that its a beautiful place to live and the beach is at their fingertips, they have created something really special. A coffee shop. But just not any coffee shop. Main Brew Coffee shop. They have the most amazing coffee in Northern Florida (So says my daughter…I don’t drink coffee) but they smoothies, hot chocolate, breakfast and lunch food and everything else on their menu is FABULOUS! So if you are in the area, it is 100% worth the drive to visit the shop. They do close at 4pm and they are closed on Sundays so make sure you plan so you don’t miss out.

Their Destin beach session

So I have done many of their family pictures on the beach. When Judah was just a month old, he showed off a big smile for his Yaya. Many nights of chasing them when they were little, trying to keep them dry for just a bit before they jump in the water and just keeping them happy since it is normally past bedtime. This shoot was a bit different. We were still chasing, we were still getting splashed by the waves but they are just a bit more grown up then I was ready for. And next year, they will be even bigger since that baby will be oh so small!

I am so lucky to have the chance to visit Destin and my family every summer and I love that I have the chance to document this growing family of mine. I love them oh so much!

Chunky Monkey Photography will be back in Destin, Fl for the summer of 2024. If you are interested in grabbing a session, make sure you contact me with your dates and let’s connect!!

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