Perfect Beach Session | Destin, FL

What is your perfect beach session? Let me guess what you are thinking! A beautiful sunset, a warm night, beautiful clouds and an empty beach. Lots of fun and some perfect memories are to be made. But if you have ever been to the coast of Florida (or any other beach for that matter), you know that it rains in some sort of way every day. When it’s the families last night on vacation, you keep going and keeping your fingers crossed. Come find out the end result!

Beach Vacation

There is this family who I hold close to my heart. Our beach vacations have never matched up but this summer was different. We had 24 hours in Florida at the same time. They stay in Pensacola Beach which is about 1 hour or so from Destin. So we set the date, picked the outfits and everyone was so excited. So when that night started to get dark and rain started to show up we made the decision to keep the plans, the rain would pass by like usual. As I kept driving closer and closer, the clouds got darker and darker. It was not looking pretty for our session. How lucky were we?

Beach Rain-Go Away

When we arrived at Capitan Daves it was lightly raining. So we made the decision that we would just try to grab one family shot in between downpours and call it good. My daughter was with me to help with the littles and so out we went. About 4 clicks in, the downpour started. So the camera was covered with a towel and I sent my daughter running for cover. We were all right behind her being soaked by the rain. All the hard work on hair, makeup, clothes….thrown out the window right? After taking cover for about 10 mins, the rain slowly stopped. I told her, we came for a beach session…..we are doing a beach session. So off we went down to the water. Instead of a “perfect family session”, we had a perfect family session. Lots of snuggles, splashing, kisses and hugs.

Cover the walls

As I was editing this session, I was already what needed to printed for her walls and where they were going to go. This is what family really is you guys. The weather may not be perfect, the sun may not be shining but the love is there and that is all that matters. Also, her daughter is a dancer here at home and we got to shoot a few of her in her tutu costume. The crazy amazing storm clouds just bought the perfect look for the end of our shoot. Again, these will cover their walls!

I have been enjoying the white sands of Destin, Fl for many years and I look forward to each summer. The feeling of the warm sands, the chilled water and the sounds of seagulls is just peaceful. What better atmosphere can you ask for when enjoying the company of your family and capturing the moment for the future to hold!

Chunky Monkey Photography will be back in Destin, Fl for the summer of 2024. If you are interested in grabbing a session, make sure you contact me with your dates and let’s connect!!

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