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Cake Smashes have gained popularity in recent years and some of the sets for these sessions are so spectacular!   From Disney themes, Marvel, Space, Mermaids, etc.   The big sets and props – I mean WOW!    The sets and designs from some of the cake smash photographers are amazing! Truly works of art.   At Chunky Monkey Photography, I do things little different when it comes to your babies cake smash.  Let’s take a look and find out why! 

Simple Cake Smashes

You may have noticed that I dont offer these elaborate themed cake smashes as an option at my studio.    I did consider it. I mean, the sets are fun and exciting.   But, I just couldnt do it.   I offer simple sets.  Sometimes with balloons, sometimes with a bit of flowers. Sometimes, just the baby and the cake.   In my mind, keeping things simple allows the star of the show to stand out.  The birthday baby, the smiles, the giggles, the mess, and even sometimes the tears.  

When you look at a photograph from one of my cake smash photography sessions, the first thing you’ll notice is the baby.   That is really important to me.  This follows the rest of my work and keeping it simple and focused on the moment at hand. 

Keeping things timeless.  

I think of 1st birthdays something that I want to keep timeless.  Birthday parties can be themed and fun! All of my kiddos parties were.  But when I look back at their pictures, I want something that if I keep it on my wall, that it can stay there, forever! Something that when they have their kids, they are excited to look back and love their memories.  Again, nothing to say there is anything wrong with doing it themed, it’s just not me.  

Colors of cake smashes

So one time I did a cake smash that was a themed mickey mouse.  The cake had a lot of black and red icing on it.  The baby dug in and made the expected mess.  One problem was that the black icing stained his skin and the red followed.  So when people asked me what color to do icing or what the cake should be, I always say to do white or off white with maybe some pops of colors.  Again, keeping it simple, timeless and something that is going to make for a beautiful picture.  

At Chunky Monkey Photography, I do cake smashes in the studio or on location.  We can talk about what works best for you and what your thoughts are.  So if you have a baby turning 1 soon, don’t delay.  Let’s chat about setting up that 1st birthday shoot! Oh yeah and don’t forget, with any regular session, immediate family is always welcome to jump in for some updated family shots! 

I love my cake smashes – the babies are so fun and the experience is special.  We really dont know what a baby will do with a whole cake!   Why distract?  Lets eat cake!   

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