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Becoming a mom is something that is like no other. When you become a is different for everyone too. Some are younger, some are older. Either way, it is a part of life that is amazing. Now, how you become a mom is pretty special too. In todays world, you can become a mom via different routes but the one that has stood the test of time is adoption. I have gotten the honor doing multiple shoots with parents to be and their surrogate. This was the first with the adoptive parents and the birth mom. Come on the journey with us, it was pretty cool!

Meet Mom and Dad to Be- Adoption

When Kara emailed me and asked me about doing this shoot for them I was elated. Doing a maternity shoot is def in my wheelhouse but getting to celebrate the birth mom and them all at the same time, count me in! Their birth mom has a daughter and son of her own and they are very much included in all of this as well. Her daughter got to attend the first shoot and then her son got to join in with everyone the second time around! We picked Northwest Community Park to do their maternity shoot at. Its close by their house but it is such a calming location that it seemed perfect for this shoot. Once we got there, Kara was just so excited and nice! She and her husband Caleb, shared their story with me. She herself is adopted and she had always wanted to be able to do the same when the time came. And here they are, waiting patiently for September to come. Adoption is amazing.

Birth Mom- Adoption

I have met many birth moms in one way or another in my way of work. Their sweet baby birth mom was just wonderful. She had requested to wear a maternity dress so we got to pick a few that she was in love with from the Chunky Monkey Maternity Closet. She was amazing to watch with her daughter. They hugged and snuggled and even read a book to the baby. Just some sweet moments.

Connection of Birth mom and Adoptive Mom

Let me tell you. This relationship that these two ladies have is a special one. It’s so important since they are going though this together, that their connection is real. After this shoot, you could def tell that they were in this together. I hope that when this little girl is old enough to look back at these images and knows here story that she sees the love between them both, all because of her! And now we sit and wait…..the newborn shoot is going be EPIC! Come back and check that out later this year.

Again, no matter when you become a mom or how you become a mom, its an amazing journey from the start. Chunky Monkey Photography would love to document that stage of pregnancy for you and leave you with some amazing memories to tell your story to your littles later on in life.

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