1st Birthday Fun | Fort Worth, TX

Chunky Monkey Photography specializes in newborns but I love to follow your kiddo though all their milestones. 1st birthdays are something special and fun. Getting to celebrate this time with them is an honor. This sweet girl was such a tiny baby girl at her newborn session but oh so precious. Nothing has changed from that to her 1st birthday shoot. Come along with me as we oh and awe over this cutie!

The magic of a 1st birthday shoot

The idea of a 1st birthday shoot is to celebrate the big milestone. Almost more for the parents than the child sometimes. Y’all made it, together. The first year was a success. Also, we use this shoot to document what their child was like at that time and of course, to eat cake! Yummy! We want to maybe show how big they have grown by using the same prop from their newborn session during the birthday shoot. These sessions allow children to engage with their senses, encouraging exploration, curiosity, and creativity. It is a unique opportunity to capture genuine, unfiltered emotions and create cherished memories for both the child and their family

Birthday girl

Little, petite, tiny, small, are all just words you can describe our birthday girl when you see her at first. But you can also describe her as strong, beautiful, smart, delightful and just a sweetie pie. She loves her mama with everything she has but we made friends (as long as her mama stayed close by). We got some precious smiles and some even more fun expressions. She is already on the move to keeping her in one spot for too long was not on her to do list but we just compromised and moved quickly. I would say we all won in the end.

Cake Smash time

Now, I just spoke about how on the move she was. Until the cake came out. She was all about the cake and icing. She thought it was fun to eat, smash and maybe even lick a few times. All of her expressions during the cake smash just had her mom and I belly laughing. Her mom bought some beautiful flowers to add in the back but to also keep her set up simple. We wanted the star of the show to be the center of attention.

So many people ask about cake smash sessions. These are so much and fun and worth every penny. Take a look at this blog where I talk more in depth on what a cake smash session is to me but if you are celebrating your little ones birthday, I highly suggest it. I does not even have to be for a one year old. I think everyone deserves a bit of cake for their birthday and making a mess with it is just an added bonus!

If you are looking for a birthday or cake smash photoshoot, Chunky Monkey Photography is booking for Fall 2023! Just email me at lets get that scheduled and those memories on your wall!

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