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2023-2024 School year is upon us.  It’s hard to believe how fast summer goes.  Even more so when your little is big.  They are in their final year of high school.  They are SENIORS! You might look back and question how you made it here.  How you made it though.  Or even what you are going to do after they head to college! The positive thing about senior year is all the fun and exciting things that they have worked so hard to be a part of.  One of my favorite is Senior pictures.  Let’s take a look at all that comes with doing senior pictures with Chunky Monkey Photography!  

Senior Milestone 

So while you raise a child, you walk thru so many different milestones and many of them you try to capture with a camera.  Newborn, sitting up for the first time, first birthday, first lost tooth, graduating kindergarten, oh, I could go on and on.  So of course, the best milestone to capture is the Senior year! Let their personality shine.  That would be though the location that we pick, the outfits that they wear or some even bring something special with them like their pom poms or their musical instrument.    

Locations of Senior Photography 

So just like most other photoshoots with Chunky Monkey Photography, picking a location is a big deal.  You want it to fit their personality and the look that they want to achieve.  If they aren’t into country, the stockyards is not for them BUT if they love nature, nature it is! I have so many different locations in the area that we can talk though and they can pick out what sounds perfect to them!  Some kiddos love to use their high schools too, we can set that up too!  A few of the favorite locations are Downtown Fort Worth, Trinity Park, Northwest Community Park, Downtown Roanoke,  Old Blue Truck in Azle just to name a few! 

Senior Outfits 

This is a big one.  Outfits make the shoot, right?  So I will tell you to bring as many as you want to.  We will put them in order of importance and see what we can get though.  I have many thoughts and ideas pending the location that we choose on what works best as well.  Have fun with it! 

Who comes to the senior photoshoot? 

This is a common question.  Who should come to the photoshoot with your senior?  I have a popular answer and I have a not so popular answer!

A parent (or both) is always welcome to the photoshoot.  It’s helpful to be the “carrier of all things” but it’s amazing to watch your kiddo be the star of the show.  Of course, if mom and dad want to jump in during the shoot, I am excited for that too! 

Siblings. its fun to have them to jump in a few pictures with their big or little sibling.  But sometimes I do ask for the fan club to give the senior some space for their photoshoot. 

Friends, I typically ask that friends not come to the shoot.  Sometimes your senior is not quite the same as they would be in front of the camera with their friends around.  Sometimes a bit of time is spent on friends chilling then what we get on the camera.  BUT, again, if a friend wants to come a the beginning of the shoot and then they can hang out while we finish alone….I would never say no. 

High Schools

Chunky Monkey Photography can and would love to do a senior photoshoot for your kiddo no matter where they go to high school.  I live in Azle and am close to the following school districts.

Azle ISD

Springtown ISD

Fort Worth ISD

Weatherford ISD

Decatur ISD

Boyd ISD

Keller ISD


Brock ISD

Let’s talk about your senior milestone.  Parents, let’s talk about your baby growing up.  Let’s meet up and have some fun and capture that amazing personality that is about to go out into the real world and do some amazing things!!!!! Email me at to get more information or to book your senior photoshoot!

And of course, family photoshoots….let’s get those on the books!!! They are important too!

Senior Photography in Downtown Dallas, TX

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