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Tell me what you first think about when I say princess? Now, tell me what you think about when I say unicorn? What about tea party? So all three of those things bring up different scenarios or thoughts! But put them all together in a photoshoot and you have what I would call an EPIC moment in time.  A unicorn tea party with a princess! When mom emailed and gave me her wants for her daughters birthday shoot, I was super excited. I knew the perfect place and the perfect unicorn. She had the upmost perfect princess. So, off we went to create what I hope is something that you love reliving as much as I do when you look below.

Princess Breckin

So Breckin was a Chunky Monkey Newborn. So little and so adorable. Being able to watch her grow up so far has been an honor. Getting to do so many photoshoots with her as allowed me and her to become friends. I am excited to see her and how her photoshoot is going to go. Most can’t say that about many 3 year olds. Her sassy country attitude is just perfect. But it’s the cute blonde pigtails and the baby eyes that get ya every time. Her mom is pretty amazing too! Brackens amazing attitude is definitely from her mom!

3 Year old Unicorn Tea Party

So her mom emailed and said she had decided on her birthday theme. Princess all the way. She had a perfect idea in her mind of the unicorn tea party for her princess. I was excited and ready to get it set in motion. My first thing was calling my mom who owns “All for the Love of Animals Petting Farm” to confirm the rental of her unicorn. The location I had in mind worked out perfectly to give us a variety throughout her session. We used Northwest Community Park in Fort Worth/Saginaw TX. Breckin’s mom bought the tea party table and tea party supplies as well as I added some too. Of course, she bought the princess as well. When Breckin was dressed in her cinderella dress, the magic started right up!

Unicorn Tea Party

Once the tea party table was set up, we focused on just the princess for a bit and then added in her friend. Instead of cookies and tea, we had horse feed and snacks so that the unicorn was just as excited as Breckin! She loved “serving” the unicorn her feed and even helped her drink some tea as well. They both were amazing and it was so much fun to watch it all play out. Thank you to All for the Love of Animals for all their hard work as well.


Of course, when you have a princess dress on, it calls for lots of twirling which were no problem for Breckin. She just laughed, giggled and even gave a few stink eyes. You know, princesses have those too! Her dress, the sunset light and just the magic made this part of the session the perfect end.

All in all, this unicorn tea party was just magical and I hope to do more of these in the future. Knowing that a 3 year old who has the dream of being a princess and watching it come true was just amazing.

If you are looking for a unicorn for a photoshoot with Chunky Monkey Photography, please let me know and we will make it happen. Also know that All for the Love of Animals does Unicorn birthday parties as well as petting farm parties. Look them up here!

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Princess Tea Party with a Unicorn

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