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Be Together

When a family books a shoot with me, I know my job. To document their togetherness. But, it is so much more than that. A family photography shoot with Chunky Monkey Photography is capturing the fun, the giggles, the love, sometimes the tears, and the connection within. The best part of this family that I am going to share with you is that this was their first shoot together. Come with me as we walk thru this amazing families photoshoot. I love each and every image and I hope you do too!

Why a photography shoot together is important

Knowing that this family is something that started with mom and dad and is something important to not forget. The love between mom and dad is something that started this whole thing. So I spend some time with just the two of them. Some ask how I do that when there are littles that need to be watched. Knowing what goes on behind the camera is pretty funny. You might see that I have one kid on my hip and one running around me as I shoot. Obviously getting a few family shots with everyone looking as the camera and smiling is important to everyone. Again, those with littles think there is no way that its going to happen. I promise, its doable and funny to watch it happen from behind the camera! Then in a typical family shoot you want sibling shots together and some individuals of each child. Come with me to the next part of the family photoshoot that is important to me as your photographer.

Photoshoots together with emotions

After I make sure that I have captured a few of those smiling/looking at the camera type shots, we go on to capturing the emotions and the connections within the family! So that’s when the tickling, snuggling and stealing some kisses come into play for mom and dad. That’s when the “real” smiles come out and are always some of my favorites. I love to capture each child with each parent individually as well. As a parent, you love your children the same but differently. The connection you have with each one is special and you want to remember that as they get older! Take a look at some of these and tell me you don’t get it!

Siblings are fun!

From newborn to well, forever, sibling photos together are important for parents. I won’t say its always easy and there is typically some type of bribing or just being silly and crazy to make it happen but it will happen!! These two are on different playing fields with their ages. Sister is old enough to know what we want her to do, brother on the other hand is just hanging out. At first, we were working hard to capture them at the same time but after a break and a short game of hide and seek, we won the challenge and captured it!

When I walk away from a family photoshoot, I want to know that I captured the whole idea of their family. Something that tells their story, their personalities and their love for one another. This family made that easy and I hope their story is all over their walls by now!

If you are looking for a family photoshoot, Chunky Monkey Photography is booking for Fall 2023! Just email me at lets get that scheduled and those memories on your wall!

Family Photoshoot at Trinity Park in Fort Worth TX

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