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Before it “hopefully” starts to get cooler around here, let’s relive a fun session from this summer! I love that I have the opportunity to spend some time in Destin, FL where I get to meet new families and see some ones from Fort Worth! Getting to meet up and play in the sand and listen to the waves. Beautiful sunsets and just the perfect nights. Most of my families that I meet up with in Destin are with extended families so that makes it even more exciting. This first family is just amazing and we had a blast!

Destin Beach Family

When grandmother says we go to the beach, we go to the beach. Such amazing time together. Being able to watch her great-grandchildren build sandcastles and splash in the waves is just what she loves. This family got to spend the week together and you could just see the love between them all! 23 people in total. We met up in Destin at Capitan Daves on such a beautiful night. The best time to shoot on the beach is just before sunset so we started right around 7pm. This gave us about 45 mins of beautiful light before the hit right on the perfect sunset. I love the variety that the different lighting gives you when you look back though your gallery.


A good beach mix

One of the most important shots that you want of course when you have an extended family session is one with everyone. We achieved that twice during this session with all eyes on my. That is amazing! Then we broke it down into individual families, grandparents and grandchildren and we captured some amazing connections within their families. We ended the night with a fun shot for each couple, the dip. Take a look here!

Why a beach session at sunset in Destin?

The most important aspect of shooting on the beach is the lighting. If you start too early, you have harsh sun and the uneven lighting. Even just a few minutes can make a big difference. But once that sun starts to dip, you have the magical light that comes off the emerald ocean and the white sands of Destin. An absolute favorite, even might say the best picturesque look you can achieve!

You can also do a sunrise session on the beach! Its a sweet light as the sun wakes up and just starts to cover the ocean. Getting up early might not sound like fun but it is an experience that you won’t regret.

I have been enjoying the white sands of Destin, Fl for many years and I look forward to each summer. The feeling of the warm sands, the chilled water and the sounds of seagulls is just peaceful. What better atmosphere can you ask for when enjoying the company of your family and capturing the moment for the future to hold!

Chunky Monkey Photography will be back in Destin, Fl for the summer of 2024. If you are interested in grabbing a session, make sure you contact me with your dates and let’s connect!!

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