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Meet Katelynn, your doula behind Holy Mundane Birth

When I asked to learn about a few of the doulas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Katelynn’s name came up a few times.  Some amazing reviews and some amazing stories are shared from her past clients.  Come learn about Katelynn and her why behind Holy Mundane Birth.


What birth training did you receive?

I trained initially with the academy of certified birth educators and since have completed trainings with the birth restored and train for birth organizations. I am also currently working on continuing education with the elite doula company. I also have my doctorate in physical therapy which gives me a thorough understanding of the pelvis and biomechanics of our bodies and how that plays into birth.

Why did you become a doula?

I always wanted to work in birth but as a young teen I didn’t know anything outside of the typical OB scope. I hoped to spend more time with my patients and ended up pursing physical therapy to work more closely with moms and babies. While working as a PT I had three biological children and  had a doula for all of these births, which rekindled my desire to work in birth but now in the doula capacity as my doula had made such an incredible difference in my birth stories and outcomes. I held on to this desire to move toward birth work, trying to wait on God’s timing to change careers. My work as a  PT brought my family our son, who was adopted through foster care after being a patient of mine for over a year. After finalizing his adoption I finally felt a peace about moving into birth work and have been pursing doula work (and hopefully one day midwifery) ever since.

How many births have you attended with Holy Mundane Births?

I have attended 8 births with four more planned in the upcoming few months.

Do you attend all hospital and home births? 

I am happy and honored to attend in all settings!

What does your pricing include?

I have varied packages which include everything from prenatal and postpartum visits, birth support, childbirth education, as well as prenatal and return to exercise training.

How many birth clients do you have a month?

Typically 1-2 per month

Please describe your doula style.

As a doula, I provide support to the mother and family as a whole tailored to what works best for each individual family and how each birth presents. My work as a doula may look very different from each birth because I am giving support, education, and suggestions based on what is going on in that particular family. I aim to be a calming and reassuring presence to the families I serve.

Tell me how you work with birth families while in labor.

As a doula, I provide physical, emotional, and educational support to allow families to advocate for themselves and their wishes and hopefully help a labor to be more comfortable and smooth.

Do you have extra/special skills outside of labor support?

I am a physical therapist with pelvic floor and pediatric experience. I have experience as a mother to a special needs child with various health and feeding difficulties. I have some additional breastfeeding training and am able to assist with basic breastfeeding issues and identify when a referral to a specialist may be warranted.

Do you work solo or with other doulas?

I work independently but have several back ups to call on if needed

Anything else that is special to know about you?

As a doula I consider every birth I am able to attend a true honor and privilege. Being allowed to be a part of such an intimate and live changing moment in a family’s story is truly a blessing.

What is your website or contact information?

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