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Come with me and meet Amanda, a DFW Doula!

Why did you become a doula?

The birth of my first child was very long. When I found out I was pregnant with her second daughter, I did more research in hopes that experience would be different. I found an amazing Midwife who encouraged me to take childbirth education classes. The class was amazing and I learned so much from him, and from her. After having a wonderful second experience with Labor, I decided that I wanted to be able to support women in labor, and give them a wonderful experience with her own birth story by becoming a doula.

How many births have you attended?  42

What training did you receive?

My first doula training was through DONA International. 

My certification is through Tiny Love

Do you attend all hospital births? Home births? 

Yes! I will go where the mom goes- hospitals, birthing centers, homes.

What does your pricing include?

My fee is $1,500 and includes 4 in person visits, labor/birth support, and phone accessibility. 

The first prenatal visit is in person and is used to discuss your birth plan and personal preferences. The second in person visit is at 36 weeks. During this visit, we discussed updates or changes to your plan. I will go over multiple early labor positions and prelabor exercises/stretches to help you prepare for the big day. Throughout the pregnancy, I am available by phone for any questions or concerns. Once the client is in labor, I am by their side until the baby is born. I typically stay 2 to 3 hours after the birth to ensure that mom and baby are doing well and assist with any breast-feeding concerns. Day three after baby is born, I also visit the mother bringing along some yummy location cookies and to assist with nursing and follow-up questions. My last visit is two weeks post partum. During that visit, we review the birth and I answer any additional questions. Finally, during that last visit, I present the mom with her own personal birth story including all the details of that important day.

How many clients do you have a month?

2 per month

Please describe your doula style.

I am very hands on. I am also a chiropractor by profession. I feel being a chiropractor is a great asset to birth work. Understanding the biomechanics of the muscles and joints helps me better support laboring women to find comfort and move baby along.  

Tell me how you work with birthing families while in labor.  

I am always suggesting different positions to try and help with comfort measures. I make sure mothers are informed of their options and the pros and cons of each. I want families to feel supported and at peace as their family grows. And although Mom and Baby are my first priority, I also try and support the partner in feeling like they are part of the labor process, by providing suggestions on what they can do to help the mom feel comfortable, encouraged and loved on.

Do you have extra/special skills outside of labor and birth support?

As I mentioned, I am a licensed chiropractor that has been practicing for 17 years. Knowing the structure and function of the human body helps me to better support and comfort. I really enjoy Spinning Babies, a technique that uses a physiological approach, to help encourage progress before and during labor. 

Do you work solo or with other doulas? 

I do work solo, but have several connections with other doulas. We communicate regularly and serve as  back ups for each other when needed. 

Anything else that is special to know about you outside of being a doula? 

Children help you grow and learn as a person. Having three daughters has given me different lessons to learn (we could say challenges to overcome). Each of those lessons has made such a lasting impression, more than any book or class could have done. Whether it is long labors, tongue ties, sleeping schedules, recovery or any of the millions of other things that new moms experience, my own first aid experience has taught me valuable information that I want to pass along to my clients.

What is your website or contact information? 

I am working on my website and hope to have it operational by 2024. Until then, please contact me through my email address at 

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