Life is sweeter with Twins

Twins, double the love!

Meeting families in Fort Worth with newborns is a big part Chunky Monkey Photography. It’s one of my favorite aspects in my career.  Some might say I am a baby whisperer but my daughter calls my a baby hog.  If there is a baby, I am going to snuggle it for as long as I can.  Then you get twins.  The best part is there are two….enough to share right?  For a newborn session, twins are amazing! The connection those two newborns have to each other makes showing that connection easy.  Let’s meet a set of twin newborns….a brother and a sister.  


All about the twins

So I met mom at one of my Santa mini sessions with big sister. Mom had said that sister never really smiled during photoshoots so I took that and made the change.  Acting silly and having fun is a normal part of my photoshoots so I jump amped it up a bit and made a new best friend.  So I was so excited when she came back for their newborn session.  Big sister was very proud of her babies.  Mom was as calm and collected, she had everything situated and set perfectly.  One of the hardest parts of being ready for a newborn session that I tell moms is to keep their baby awake for an hour or two before the session.  This mom did that with two babies and a 4 year old! Amazing in my book! 

All about a twins session

So knowing that we had a boy and a girl meant that we would keep the color scheme as neutral as possible with hints of blue and pink and other colors.  Sometimes babies come in and are pretty yellow from jaundice or red, which is okay because of editing.  BUT, these babies came in with the most perfect creamy skin.  I could not believe it.  We started with pink and blue wraps to capture with big sister and then hung out with the creamy backdrop for most of the session.  

The flow of the twins session

It’s pretty hot in the studio so we always start with the sibling photos so that big sister could go on to the playground with grandma.  With both newborns wrapped, we captured a lot of love from big sister.  I even asked if I could keep a baby to snuggle with and she gave me the stink eye! Of course we got some amazing poses with both twin newborns and then captured a few of them individually.  We ended the session with both newborns on my newborn bed.  Sister had woken up and wanted to make sure she did not miss a thing but we got what we needed as mom stayed close for safety.  

Twin newborns are the double the love, double the snuggles and double the fun.  I look forward to watching them grow up and their sweet personalities coming thru.  I have a good feeling that they are going to be amazing and fun! Maybe sister will “loan me” a baby when they start crawling towards her stuff! 

Having a baby….or even multiples?  Let’s talk about how amazing your newborn session can be!
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