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Being a part of a documenting someones newborn is so much fun but getting to do it again with their second newborn is amazing.  Watching their kiddos grow up in front of my lens just means a lot as a photographer.  This set of amazing parents are so much fun to hang around with and just roll with anything we do and of course they do it with a smile! Having them in my new studio just north of Fort Worth in Azle was a pleasure.  Let’s meet their two sweet babies.

Meet this awesome family

So first met Mom and Dad when they brought sister in for her newborn session. She was such a beautiful little girl and did great during her session.  We had a blast while we documented her 6 months and 1 year sessions as well.  Then they gave me the good news that they were expecting a little boy.  Everyone was super excited! Little brother followed in little sisters steps and was an amazing newborn.  The perfect second newborn for this family. 

Second Newborn adding in Big Sister

When everyone got to the newborn studio, there was no question that we were going to go with blue and cream for their color scheme.  Boho was right their alley so the light wall provided a perfect look for that as well.  Also gave sister the chance to get into the session and do what she does best…love that baby brother.  He did so well and the images just came out picture perfect.  

Check out the props they chose and the kisses that covered baby brother

We wanted to make sure that we got some amazing sibling shots so we did the prop part of the session first.  He fit perfectly into the bucket and was as content as could be.  This was a perfect time for sister to show all her love.  Just check her out! The next prop that mom choose was the newborn saddle.  One of the most popular and loved props for all my newborns.  If you were born in Texas, you were born with the right to ride the saddle.  He flew thru all of the poses and looked like a total model.  At the end of the session, we got some awake time which is a positive for any session.  To capture the expressions that newborns give is adorable.  

I can’t help but think how special it is to mom and dad to have these memories but how much fun they will be for the children when they grow up.  To know that the love between brother and sister started from the beginning.  I look forward to seeing these littles over the years to continue documenting their personalities and their love for one another.  Oh, and I will now be going to call my brothers…they used to be little and cute like this too.  Now, they are just grown up but the love for them never change.  

Are you expecting your next child and worry about how your others will do with sibling photos?  No worries, bring some snacks and I will work my magic with my bag of tricks! No worries here. 

Also, this is what it could look like if you added number two and three…at the same time!

Life is sweeter with Twin Newborns

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