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Meet Charlotte. I had the joy of getting to meet Charlotte and her parents a few weeks ago at the Chunky Monkey Newborn Studio which is just North of Downtown Fort Worth.  I had the studio set for a sweet newborn girl and that is definitely what I got.  Walk with me though the joy of her newborn session and see the magical images that the family gets to keep for forever! 

First time parents 

Every parent is so excited to have their new baby but first time parents are my favorite.  You know that they are tired and need sleep but every blink, every noise, every kick means so much.  When they arrived at the studio, Ms. Charlotte was wide awake.  She was so excited about her own newborn session, she did not want to miss a single thing.  So of course, she’s the boss! I got to dress in one of my favorite pink footie outfits which fit her like a baby doll.  Her eyes were just so bright and she would look right at me.  We even captured a few funny faces as newborns are so expressive without even trying to be.  Take a look at a few of my favorites.  

Backdrop Choices

We typically start off with using the posing table to create some adorable newborn squish poses.  Mom and Dad picked white so that we could use colors to pop off the planet and keep that sweet baby in the center of attention.  Once Ms. Charlotte went to sleep, she was a perfect poser.  My favorite pose is always the Froggy and she rocked that along with all the other poses.   She of course was total putty in her mom and dads arms.  The joy beaming out of all of them during parent posing was just totally obvious.  Then we moved on to the props and they chose my favorite out of the whole studio.  It is the boho set up and just look at how it fit her so well.  We ended up with one of the cutest and most simple set up.  But what’s better than a baby on a swing.  AWE!!!! 

It’s like meeting her again!

After a newborn session is complete, editing begins. One I arrive to their session in the line of editing, I go though each and every single image and pick the best of the best.  There is quite a few steps to go though to complete a newborn session.  Making sure that skin colors are correct, cleaning up any and all wrinkles or unwanted marks on the on the blanket or around the props.  But in the end and after a few hours of work, the end is there and you have beautiful memories of your newborn and family.  Just amazing.  

Many people do a lot of research for newborn photographers when they are expecting.  Please know that outside of the finished product, I take your newborn, your other children and your other family and consider you family.  Making sure that everyone is comfortable and happy though the whole process.  Why?  Because that is what family does! Call Chunky Monkey Photography today! 

The Perfect Little Squishy Newborn Session in Fort Worth

Beautiful Newborn Girl Session

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