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How you meet people might not seem like much in the moment. One day you take your family into a restaurant called Dixie House for breakfast.  Your waitress is named Kat and she is the most upbeat person you will ever meet.  Her smile is contagious and she loves to get to know each of her customers.  Every time you go in for breakfast, she knows your name, high fives your kiddos and just makes your day.  I had the honor of doing her daughters newborn session almost a year ago.  This time, I got to do their first family shoot together.  Her, her kids and her grandkids.  The smiles were contagious and it was amazing to watch them be together.  


Meeting this amazing family

So all families have a story.  Some are more exciting than others.  Their story is not mine to tell but let’s just say this has been an amazing story to watch grow into what they are.  Every time we would go to Dixie House, I would get an update on everyone. Kat’s son used to be “little”.  By little I mean young.  But he was always a “football” kind of kid.  I would see pictures of him on her Facebook or she would tell us all about what he was doing.  A proud mother for sure.  Her daughter is the mother two both of her grandchildren.  Watching her with her kiddos is just amazing.  The smile that she wears is just beautiful.  Kat is so proud of her and what she has achieved in life as well.  Her grandson is the most respectful guy and always has a smile on his face.  Her granddaughter, has grown up way to fast.  She was just a newborn and now she is trying to learn to walk.  Both of these kiddos, Kat is head over heels in love with! 

Dixie House to Mom 

Getting to know someone by the way of their job is fun.  Getting them and their family in front of your camera is exciting.  Getting to watch the love beaming from one another is just amazing.  We got to do all the fun pictures.  Some of the “real posed stuff” with all of them but we got to have a lot of silly moments.  Lots of hugs and kisses.  Lots of goofiness.  Knowing that smile on moms face is well earned.  Knowing that those kids love their mom more than anything.  Take a look, I have too many favorites to pick from. 

Picking the right date for your family session

There are tons of things that might make you reschedule your family photography shoot.  A sick kiddo, a broken limb (it happens all the time right before pictures!), sports games, or work.  Most of these will give some notice and let you prepare a little for your reschedule. The one thing that might surprise you is the weather! The day of Kat’s session, there was a chance of rain.  It was low but the chance was there.  So we forged on.  As it was time for their session, the skies got dark to the south of us. We forged on.  We shot, had beautiful light and ended right on time.  About 2 mins after they drove off, the skies opened up.  It was the biggest downpour we have had in a while.  I am so glad that the weatherman upstairs let things hang tight for us, it was so worth it.  

Please remember that when you meet new people, you will never know how they will affect your life.  Rather its just with a smile, making you feel important or just making your day much sunnier on a regular basis.  Oh, and don’t forget that someone might be you! 

Let’s walk thru a newborn session together

Happy Family session

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