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Some babies fit the mold of the name of Chunky Monkey Photography.  My daughter being one of them, hence where my business name come from.  This little dude was just that, chubby.  The rolls were just enough and you just wanted to squeeze his little cheeks.  Come look at his adorable newborn session.  

Meeting this amazing family

Of course the session started off with meeting big brother.  He was all smiles and giving me high fives as soon as he came into the newborn studio.  His bubbly personality was just what we needed for this session.  We were instant best friends and that’s what I like! His mom and dad were pretty cool too.  Very laid back and open to anything.  It’s important that the parents are comfortable handing their newborn over to me.  I want them to be able to just sit back and relax during the session.  Now, when I asked brother who he brought with him, he was so proud of his baby brother. He showed me Mr. Walker.  He was so proud of that baby and rightfully so.  I always like to joke around with the littles to have some fun and I asked if I could keep his baby brother and the look he gave me showed me he meant business when he said no.  Haha! 

Posing time

At each session, the parents get to pick out their favorite blanket for the posing section of their session.  They picked one of my favorites.  Walker must have thought the same because he was comfortable during all the poses and even gave a few smiles as we went along.  Now I know many say that smiles from a newborn is just gas, I disagree.  I think those babies are smart from the get go.  They know when they are happy and comfortable and aren’t scared to show it.  Once we finished the posing part of the  Chunky Monkey chubby newborn session, we went on to props and Walker sure did not disappoint.  Go take a look below and let me know which one is your favorite! 

Showing off the chubby 

I always tell parents that they are more than welcome to bring something special to their newborn session.  This mom chose to bring a cute little bear hat and bottom outfit.  It was perfect to wear as he hung out on the shelf with his teddy bear friends.  Then we went ahead and let Walker take a nap on the bed.  He snuggled right up and fit just right.  My favorite prop we used was my saddle.  Walker was the upmost adorable cowboy yet.  He fit on that saddle like it was made for him and I hope this image made it big on their walls! 

Thank you Walker for coming to meet Mrs. Heather and thanks for bringing your big brother, mom and dad.  I hope to see you guys again soon for your 6 month milestone shoot.  Don’t forget, all my Chunky Monkey Newborns get that sitter session half off.  It’s such a fun milestone, I don’t want you to miss out on capturing those important moments.  


Meet Kat’s Amazing Family – Fort Worth

Newborn Photography Fort Worth TX

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