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Capturing the magic of newborn session

You spent 9 months growing and caring for this little baby.  Feeling every turn, kick or even a hiccup.  You have fallen in love before you ever are face to face.  Those moments turn real as soon as you welcome a newborn into the world.  The next few weeks you will spend your time feeding, changing diapers, and rocking to sleep.  One day you will look up and realize how quickly your newborn has changed.  They have grown so much, so quickly.  Remembering the little things from those first few weeks together are slowly fading away.  That is why a newborn session with Chunky Monkey Photography is magic.  Capturing those little things to remember for a lifetime.  

The magic I capture during a newborn session.  

When you hold your newborns fingers for the first time, they are small and wrinkled.  Their lips are just perfect.  Their ten toes are just waiting to be tickled.  The way they scrunch up just like when they were in your womb.  Each and every image captures those things and freezes them in time for you to remember as they grow.  And grow they will, quickly. That brings you to the answer of why would you want newborn photography.  

Remembering the magic

When you think about having a baby, you think about the diapers, wipes, and car seat. You might not think about a newborn session.  The diapers, wipes and car seats will disappear some day.  These memories you will have for forever.  Why do it in the first two weeks after birth you might ask?  Well, that time frame is so important to be able to have a newborn who is sleepy, bendable and little.  The “little” will disappear so quickly.    But when you look back at your newborns session, you will remember just how full of magic they were.

10 years later…remembering

So one day in the future, you will be going though boxes.  It’s inevitable.  You will find the old photos from all your family fun.  Your child who is now 10 will be sitting right next to you waiting for the next story to go with the next photograph.  You pull their newborn photo out and all those memories come rushing back.  The first time you held them, those rough nights of no sleep and the amazing love that you felt for them.  The images that capture their tiny fingers and toes make you long for those days again.  You will cling to these memories as your children grow.  The funny ones, the exhausting ones and the most cherished ones.  Your newborn is grown up but is frozen in time with these magic filled memories.  

Being able to welcome you into my newborn studio with your newborn is an honor.  To be able to capture the magic of your newborn is a dream.  To have the opportunity to create art for you to hold onto and remember these little moments years from now, just amazing.

If you are expecting a little one or have delivered and are thinking about capturing your newborn, please check out the website for more information or give me a call! 

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