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When Gina messaged me about an extended family session, I was thrilled.  They might seem overwhelming to some but I love them.  It’s my favorite thing with my own family.  Getting everyone together and capturing everyone as they are right then is just the memory I need.  Come meet all 16 family members that participated and made this shoot what it was! 

Family Session at Wild Oak Studio

When I spoke with Gina about the options of where to shoot with her extended family, the studio, Wild Oaks Studio in Roanoke, TX seemed like the perfect option for her family.  It was already pretty hot outside and their grandmother did not need to walk a lot.  Wild Oaks Studio gives such an amazing array of looks for any shoot.  It starts out with a full white look.  Makes it easy for families to do their wardrobe and there are no worries about if it will match the aesthetics of the studio.  Of course the studio has beautiful natural light with huge windows that look out to Main St in Roanoke.  We used all the props available starting off with the couch.  Its such a comfortable setting! Take a look at some other options we used! 

Grandmothers are everything

I have said it so many times and I will continue to do so.  It is the MOST important thing you can do for your family now and to come.  Take the pictures, capture the memory, do the photoshoot! These moments are what you will have to remember in the future and your kiddos even more so.  Many years from now, these images will be something to look back, start conversations about and just remember the smiles, the laughs and the good times.  Sisters together, the guys all hanging out and the kiddos chasing each other around. That describes the photoshoot to a tee.  My favorite shot of the whole session is all the grandchildren together.  Take a look at this one.  It’s raw, them just hanging out.  I hope these kiddos remember how cool it is to hang with your cousins.  They are your people.  

Wild Oak Studios love Parents too!

Even though we captured each family individually, all the grandchildren as themselves, the most important part was to capture Grandmother with her people.  Grandmother with her own kiddos.  Grandmother with the husbands.  Grandmother with the grandchildren.  Every single one of those individuals she loves so dearly.  The look on her face, the love that came from her eyes was something that I wish everyone could capture to hold onto forever.  

You guys, family is it.  Family is forever.  You’re stuck with them.  Love them.  Hug them.  Spend time with them.  Cherish them.  Make them feel important.  If you don’t do those things…you will regret it.  You are never promised tomorrow but you have today.  Hold on to it and hug it tight! Thank you to this family on letting me spend time with you guys during this photoshoot.  

If you need a studio to shoot in, rather it be for maternity, family or a holiday, Wild Oak Studios in Roanoke, TX is a great place.  I highly recommend it and I would love to do your family session!


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