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Being chosen to be a family’s photographer for any special occasion is special.  So when an email says, I am ready for my baby to be a Chunky Monkey newborn is really cool!  This family chose for me to come to their home and do a lifestyle newborn shoot.  Let’s relive this fun newborn shoot with their own Sorority! 

How I met Haley

Most of my new families that I get to meet come from friends, word of mouth or good ol’ internet searches.  I actually had received a few new maternity dresses outfits and needed a model! Haley was one of the models that I had chosen to participate. She was amazing! Was up for anything and we had lot of laughs though her model session.  She was telling me all about her two little girls that were back at home and how excited they were to welcome their new sibling.  After she delivered, she had sent me an email about being excited for her baby to be a Chunky Monkey lifestyle newborn.  I was so excited to be a part of that with her and her family. 

Studio Maternity Session

Studio Maternity Session

Studio Maternity Session

How I run a lifestyle newborn session

An in home lifestyle newborn session is a lot different than my studio newborn shoots.  Obviously, it is in the comfort of their own home.  The main question I do ask before shooting a in-home session is about their natural light.  Many older homes have small windows, are a bit darker and don’t always provide what a natural light photographer would need to provide the amazing images you’re looking for.  But Haley’s home but full of light and love!

I do ask that the family warms up their home to about 80 degrees.  Many dads laugh at me, especially when we are shooting in the summer.  But, it is imperative for the home to be warm so that the baby can be relaxed and comfy!  Once I am welcomed into the home, I like to take a moment to look around at all the spots that they would like to shoot in and see how the lighting looks and come up with fun ideas.  Usually that is the master bedroom, living room and nursery.  That is how Haley’s shoot followed as well.  Let’s take a look at a few images from each of the spots we used in the home! 

Lifestyle Newborn Family

As I met Haley’s older girls, I got to play a bit with them while mom and dad finished up getting ready.  I love this opportunity because they get comfortable with me! That’s so important in having a successful shoot.  Then we spent quite a bit of time in the master bedroom.  We did some sibling shots and caught the girls expressions and sweet loving looks at their new sister.  The most fun idea came from dad….check out his sign! Of course we spent some time in the nursery which was beautiful.  Their sweet girl just was so chilled and easy to work with. 

I am so thankful for each and every family that comes into the Chunky Monkey family but being welcomed into someones home is just amazing.  I can’t wait to watch this amazing family walk thru the milestones with their new addition.  Make sure you hang around with me to go though the journey with us! 

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Studio Maternity Session

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