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If you have ever been to Texas or even had the joy of living in Texas, you know that our summer time is UNBEARABLE. It’s hotter than most can imagine. It’s difficult to even contemplate photoshoots when its 110 degrees outside at 7pm. So I thought it would be fun to do something that would help cool us off and have fun while doing it. These littles had so much fun and so did I! I could not have asked for better models to pull off a new mini session. Can’t wait to do this again next year!

Cool Down Summer Mini Session Idea

Sitting and trying to think of a fun and enjoyable mini session for this summer was difficult. Of course on top of fun, I wanted to everyone to be safe and this temp can do some crazy things to your body if you are not careful. When I listed out what helped you cool down, of course water was on top of the list! So the Cool Down Summer Mini Sessions came alive. All it took was a water hose, some good sunlight (to see the drops of water) and a fun clear umbrella. Oh, and some fun kiddos. I just had my mom stand to the side and spray over head and the kids danced, jumped up and down and just wiggled and giggled. I had requested that they come in a bright color swimsuit, water boots if they wanted and to accessorize as they pleased.

Meet Breckin

I have known Breckin since she was a newborn. Being about to watch her grow up is fun. Talk about country spunk. She has it and I love it. She had no problem being silly, giving us some great expressions and of course just playing in the water. Her favorite thing was to catch the rain drops on her tongue of course. Check out some of her pictures!


Meet Kenzie

Kenzie is just a cool kid. She is reaching a fun age and is just the most well manner kiddo! She took her accessorizing to the top and it was perfection. She loves to wear chokers….so that was a must. Then adding in some cool sunglasses with that sass just made it perfect. We could have played in the water all night!

Meet the Twins (and their little brother!!)

The Flaim twins were ADORABLE!!! I mean, look at them, they are CUTIES and they had the best personalities. They did a great job allowing us to “spray” them with water and loved to catch the rain drops on their lips. Playing peek a boo with the umbrella was fun. Of course their little brother came and took part too. Can you say HEARTBREAKER!! I would have kept them for myself if I could have. You can just see the joy in their eyes and their little smiles. I look forward to seeing them again too!

Not every mini session is a slam dunk and this one was new but successful. It was fun, kept us cool and made some fun memories to look back on. Next summer when its major hot and we need to have some fun, watch for this one to come back.

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2023 Mini Sessions with Chunky Monkey Photography in Fort Worth

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