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I love welcoming all families to my studio which is located just outside of Fort Worth, TX.  I get to meet so many people.  First time parents, parents welcoming their second or even their eighth.  I get to see so many different types of families and how they work together.  I am honored that each and every one of them chose Chunky Monkey Photography as their newborn photographer.  Let me introduce you to a Chunky Monkey Fort Worth Newborn and her family!  She is so pretty in pink!

Pretty in Pink

That might be a silly question to see on a blog about newborn pictures.  But it’s a real question I get all the time.  It’s not necessarily asking “where” newborns come from but where they travel from to get to me.  This sweet baby and her family traveled over 2 hours to get the studio.  They live even further away but they were at Church Camp and got to make the drive from even a closer location.  You always worry about how the newborn might do after a nice long drive where they got a good nap.  But she came nice and sleepy and ready to do the work! So she became a Fort Worth Newborn

Pretty all the way around

So I love that my studio is set up for each family to come in and pick their design for their newborn session.  Mom came in and picked a very simple pretty pink for the posing part of the session.  It fit sister just right and she just looked beautiful during all the poses.  When it came to props, mom knew that she had to have the swing and the boho set up with the wall light.  I love the look of both and can’t wait to add a few of these to my website!

Big sister loves her baby

I get to see many siblings with their newborn in the studio.  Most of them are a younger age and the interaction is quick and to the point.  But this big sister was up for whatever as long as she got to love on her big sister.  That is exactly what we made happen and she was amazing with her.  Check them out!


I can’t thank this mom enough for coming all the way to Fort Worth/Weatherford and allowing me to capture this time for her.  I look forward to them coming back for some fun milestones and family pictures.

If you are expecting or know someone that is, Chunky Monkey Photography would love to welcome them into the CMP Family! Check out the info here for a newborn session or any other session that Chunky Monkey Photography provides! 

Now, if you are looking for a family mini session that will provide some amazing family memories for 2023, take a look at the ones that are booking now!

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